Remote Workstation Assessments

Remote Workstation Assessments

At The Digital Physio we are able to undertake remote workstation assessments via a video consultation to ensure that you or your workers have the correct workstation setup. This is especially important for those that are working remotely from home and would like to piece on mind to know that they are working with the best setup possible.

We use a video call platform which has been designed for telehealth services. We capture some basic information before your call with our intake form and then we are able to book in your appointment. The workstation assessment will usually take around 30 minutes to undertake. We will take through any changes, education and equipment that may be required during the assessment and then afterwards you will be provided with an assessment summary which details that as well. We are also able to provide simple exercises and stretches that can be undertaken through the workday.

If you have any questions about The Digital Physio and whether a remote workstation assessment will be beneficial for you feel free to email at

The cost for the virtual workstation assessment is $120 + GST

Remote Workstation Ergonomic Assessment

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