Please find below a number of frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact amy@thedigital.physio if you have any further questions.

Will my treatment be covered by ACC?

Unfortunately, at this stage, ACC will not fund online physiotherapy consultations.

How can you assess and treat me without seeing me in person?

As a physiotherapist, we are very good at investigating and figuring out what is going on and why. The most important part of the assessment is the information that you provide us in our subjective assessment. In the subject assessment we ask numerous questions which are targeted to find out what brings on or aggravates your pain, where your pain is, when and how it started.

When we think of physiotherapy, we think of a ‘hands on’ experience. However, more and more research is coming out to show that active treatment (where the patient is involved in understanding the injury and exercise based treatment) is more beneficial that a passive treatment approach (where a physio is providing hands on treatment such as massage, acupuncture or electrotherapy).

Is my injury suitable for online physiotherapy?

Once the consultation process has begun, and the client has answered questions regarding their injury, the physio can determine firstly, whether physiotherapy is appropriate (or whether they need GP or specialist involvement) and secondly, whether online physiotherapy is appropriate vs traditional face-to-face physio. In most cases online physiotherapy is appropriate, however, if we find you aren’t suitable then a full refund will be given.

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