How To Fit In Exercise When You Are Pregnant: My 5 Top Tips

We all struggle to fit in time to exercise.  We know we need to do it, we know it is good for us but still it is difficult to fit it in.  Especially when life gets in the way and we get busy.  I know myself, that exercise can often be one of the first things that goesContinue reading “How To Fit In Exercise When You Are Pregnant: My 5 Top Tips”

How Quickly After Injury Should I See a Physio?

By Amy Gillespie, Physiotherapist This is a question that I find a lot of people struggle with.  They aren’t sure how soon after they injure themselves should they see a physio.  They will often get advice from friends or family saying they need to wait x number of days or weeks before booking in forContinue reading “How Quickly After Injury Should I See a Physio?”

The Top 10 Stretches To Do At Work

By Amy Gillespie Physiotherapist If there is one thing that I can say from my experience as a physiotherapist, it is that our body doesn’t like being stuck in static postures.  We are made to be on the move, however, often our work means that we are stuck in static postures through the day.  ThereContinue reading “The Top 10 Stretches To Do At Work”

Who is Digital Physiotherapy Good For?

By Amy Gillespie, Physiotherapist Digital physiotherapy is physiotherapy, it is just provided in a difference format.  So in essence, there aren’t too many people that digital physiotherapy isn’t appropriate for.  The core components of a thorough assessment, diagnosis and individualised treatment plan (including education and an exercise programme) are still present with digital physiotherapy, justContinue reading “Who is Digital Physiotherapy Good For?”

What Happens in a Digital Physiotherapy Session?

By Amy Gillespie, Physiotherapist For most of us out there, the idea of telehealth or digital physiotherapy is a very new idea.  I must admit, even for myself as a physio when I heard of digital physiotherapy, I wasn’t sure how it would work.  Telehealth has been thrown into the mainstream due to the COVID-19Continue reading “What Happens in a Digital Physiotherapy Session?”

Does Digital Physiotherapy Even Work?

Does Digital Physiotherapy Even Work? By Amy Gillespie, Physiotherapist There is a growing body of evidence that telehealth or digital physiotherapy can be effective in treating musculoskeletal injuries (those injuries of the joints and muscles – such as back pain, knee pain, muscle strains).  There has also been a shift in physiotherapy treatment towards exerciseContinue reading “Does Digital Physiotherapy Even Work?”

What is Telehealth or Digital Physiotherapy?

By Amy Gillespie, Physiotherapist. Telehealth, online physiotherapy, virtual physiotherapy, digital physiotherapy – these are many names for essentially the same thing.  Originally, telehealth involved the use of phone communication to undertake healthcare assessments and treatment for those patients in remote areas.  As time and technology has progressed, we have now been able to move onContinue reading “What is Telehealth or Digital Physiotherapy?”