The Top 10 Stretches To Do At Work

By Amy Gillespie


If there is one thing that I can say from my experience as a physiotherapist, it is that our body doesn’t like being stuck in static postures.  We are made to be on the move, however, often our work means that we are stuck in static postures through the day.  There are a few things that we can do to help with this, the first is to get moving, move around through the day as much as we are able to.  Take advantage of breaks and get outside and walk around in the fresh air wherever possible.  Another thing that we can do through the day is to incorporate a few stretches into our daily work routine.  Below I have provided a list of my top 10 favourite exercises to do when I am spending the day in front of the computer.    

These are my favourite exercises to do when I am spending a lot of time in front of the computer, they are targeting the neck, upper and lower back as well as the chest and arms which are all areas that I find tend to get tight if I have been sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time.  If you have any injuries or issues that you would like to discuss further you can click here to start a consultation or feel free to reach out to

CLICK BELOW to download a printable file of My Top 10 Work Stretches:

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