Who is Digital Physiotherapy Good For?

By Amy Gillespie, Physiotherapist

Digital physiotherapy is physiotherapy, it is just provided in a difference format.  So in essence, there aren’t too many people that digital physiotherapy isn’t appropriate for.  The core components of a thorough assessment, diagnosis and individualised treatment plan (including education and an exercise programme) are still present with digital physiotherapy, just as they are with face-to-face physiotherapy.  Injuries such as sprains and strains of joints and muscles, pre- and post- operative rehabilitation, rehabilitation following broken bones, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon pain, back pain and neck pain are all injuries or conditions that we are able to treat effectively via digital physiotherapy.  We are also able to provide interventions for those people who are feeling tight or stiff or would like to improve their strength or balance in a particular area of the body.  If we do find that during our assessment that you aren’t a good fit for digital physiotherapy, or physiotherapy in general for that matter, then we are able to refer you to someone that will be able to help, whether that is a doctor, specialist or a face-to-face physiotherapist.

There are a lot of people who will really benefit from the convenience of digital physiotherapy, especially those that live remotely or rurally making getting in to a physiotherapy clinic for a face-to-face session difficult.  Also, those people who work long hours, such as a lot of people in the construction, retail or hospitality industries, who often work long hours which extend past the normal business hours that a physiotherapy clinic may be open.  You may be a working parent, juggling work and family life or have young children in the house and no easy access to a babysitter.  The time and effort taken to get to a face-to-face appointment every week, including battling traffic to get there and back and juggling kids takes too much time out of your day and means you may not be able to follow through with your treatment until you are fully recovered.  Or you may be someone that likes to be in control of their life, likes to work things out themselves and not have to rely on someone else to ‘fix them’.  However, you likely don’t just want to put your trust in Dr Google to diagnose and treat you, you would rather consult with an experienced professional who can assess, give you a diagnosis and an individualised management plan.  Digital physiotherapy allows you to be taught how to manage and resolve your injuries.  With digital physiotherapy you are able to access an experienced physiotherapy that is able to give you personalised care in the comfort of your own home. 

For more information about whether digital physiotherapy is the right fit for you and your injury or condition, please get in touch by emailing amy@thedigital.physio

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